#tbt redemption II

I have to say– not two tries into this challenge, and I am already growing weary of it. But, I made a promise, and a promise I shall keep. To whom did I make this promise? I don’t actually know– who out there is reading this? Speak out, readers!– and, of course, there was no actual “demand” for me to learn how to do #TBTs. But, I am going to stick with this until the bitter end. Because I am a stickler.

So, let #tbt to my #tbt last week. But first, onwards (backwards?) we go to the summer of 2008, a time when I had just finished my first year of high school and, most importantly, entered the mystic realm of puberty:Screen Shot 2015-06-24 at 9.04.59 PM

This is me in 2008. I was at my friend Isia’s 15th birthday party. I was only friends with girls in high school, so this was a “safe place” for me. I particularly valued Isia’s parties because she always had lots of food, and her hot older brother would sometimes make an appearance for us to gaze and giggle at, but never actually touch or talk to.

When I partied back in my high school days, there were two things I liked to do in order to get attention: First, I would eat all of the food around me. Then, I would apply the remains onto my face. As you can see, I had just eaten an entire birthday cake (I am assuming). Afterwards, I took two candles, mushed them together and stuck it onto my nose. The random hand you see is my friend Isabel, who is shielding her face in horror. And yet, I gaze into the camera, unrepentant. I do not actually know who took this


This is a rather  “provocative” #tbt, I think, because the word “boobs” is in the caption. (Except, I was 14. Is this okay? Am I statulatorily harassing myself?) I also managed to use the actual “#tbt” hashtag. This, plus, the ambiguity of the photo itself, makes it a clear winner. At the same time, however, I did not approach this with the clear-eyed lack of dignity that I have been trying for in this process. The hashtag “#awakenings” still implies that I am making fun of this day of throwbacks. Which I am. Also, apparently “Awakenings” is a techno music festival in Holland, so people looking for pictures of neon and molly with that hashtag also got to see this picture. Good!

Oh, and this is what “delete it fat” means. I try to say it at least once a day.

I think I did much better this week, personally! I am going to give myself an A-. Points off for force-fed irony, but bonus for the hashtags.

#tbt redemption II

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